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Rickenbacker's Swiss Roots - 7/19/2006

Adolph Rickenbacker honored at Ellis Island Immigration Exhibition
Swiss Roots and Migrations Museum Switzerland present a newly designed exhibition entitled "Small Numbers – Big Impact", which explores Swiss immigration to the U.S. on Ellis Island from July 29th through October 31st, 2006.

The exhibition is divided into culture, music, politics, science, and economics. Special attention will be given to the following five people: Marc Forster (Oscar-winning filmmaker), Adolf Rickenbacker (founder of the company that pioneered the electric guitar), Albert Gallatin (Finance Minister under President Thomas Jefferson), Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (psychiatrist and death researcher) as well as Louis Chevrolet (racing driver and car maker).

For more information, vist   http://www.swissroots.org/events/ellisExhibition.asp