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Studying The Frying Pan - 2/3/2006

University of Edinburgh Organologist Matthew Hill takes a closer look at the Frying Pan
Over the last 75 years, Rickenbacker guitars have enjoyed a rich history in the evolution of popular music, passing through the hands of such artists as The Beatles, The Byrds, Yes, Tom Petty, Radiohead, U2, and many others. Perhaps a greater, yet oft overlooked note in Rickenbacker history is the origin of the electric guitar itself : The Frying Pan. Rickenbacker is the original patent holder for the electric guitar, which was designed by George Beauchamp in 1931.

Rickenbacker is currently being visited by University of Edinburgh organologist Matthew Hill, who will be spending a good deal of time with the "Frying Pan" as he begins a detailed documentation and preservation project of this historic instrument.