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RIC Legal Action Regarding - 10/27/2000

Settlement reached
During January of 1999, Rickenbacker International Corporation sued Music Industries Corporation with regard to sales of "look-alike" guitars, alleging claims of federal trade dress infringement, trademark infringement, false designation of origin and violations of Section 43(a) of the Lanham Act, trademark dilution in violation of federal and state law, and federal and state unfair competition.

This case has now been settled with the required payment of a substantial amount by Music Industries to Rickenbacker. In addition, the court entered findings of fact holding that Rickenbacker indeed has valuable and protectible trademark and trade dress rights in the design and configuration of its guitars and "Rickenbacker" trademarks, as well as permanently enjoined Music Industries from further infringing Rickenbacker's trade dress and trademarks by selling guitars which copy or mimic Rickenbacker's distinctive style.