Welcome to Rickenbacker.com              9/22/2023   
Introducing The W Series:   RIC Proudly Announces The W Series To Its Instrument Lineup    1/21/2014
New Closeout Section Added to Boutique:   Pick up some goodies at greatly reduced prices!    2/1/2010
4003S/5:   4003S/5 Specs    1/29/2010
Employment Opportunities at RIC:   Now,here's a job for 'ya!    4/5/2007
Father of the Electric Guitar:   Bänz Friedli takes a candid look at Adolph Rickenbacker and the history of the company bearing his name.    7/21/2006
Rickenbacker's Swiss Roots:   Adolph Rickenbacker honored at Ellis Island Immigration Exhibition    7/19/2006
Rickenbacker 75th Anniversary Celebration and International Confluence:   RIC announces 3 day event for 75th anniversary of company    6/29/2006
Studying The Frying Pan:   University of Edinburgh Organologist Matthew Hill takes a closer look at the Frying Pan    2/3/2006
NAMM 2006 Photos:   Pictures from the NAMM show are up in the Gallery    1/20/2006
New Model Announced!*:   RIC is pleased to announce the release of the Model 1996.    1/17/2006
New Standard Feature!:   RIC Announces the ''Vintage Tone Selector'' Feature for all 4003 Basses    1/10/2006
Color of the Year for 2006 Announced:   Amber Fireglo is announced as the Color of the Year for 2006    1/2/2006
Rickenbacker unveils new website.:   Take a look at all the new and updated features at Rickenbacker.com.    8/8/2005
RIC makes the list with REM:   Peter Buck's Rickenbacker guitars wait in the wings at an REM show.    8/7/2005
Color of the Year 2005:   Out of the Blue comes the Color of the Year for 2005:    1/20/2005
New 12 String Headstock:   Rickenbacker announces new headstock design    1/20/2005
New Serial Number Decoder:   Now it does 'em all!    4/1/2003
Color Chart Revised:   2003 Color of the year announced    1/15/2003
REM Factory Visit:   REM 's Peter Buck pays a visit to the Rickenbacker factory.    9/22/2002
RIC Legal Action Regarding:   Settlement reached    10/27/2000