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Change in Model Line Up! - 12/13/2007

Range streamlined for faster deliveries
As of today, the Rickenbacker product range has been adjusted in an attempt to allow further production increases to offset the growing, large order backlog.


- Pickup and vibrato options have been eliminated.

- Three pickup guitars have been dropped, except for vintage type and other select models.

- The model 350/12V63 has cycled out of the V Series as part of regular rotation within that range.

- Fretless basses have been placed on hiatus.

- The models 650S and 650D have been cut due to elimination of the oil finish process and in anticipation of updated models.

Effective today is a new price list which includes a significant increase. This directly reflects higher costs for oil-based products (such as the finish and plastic goods), steel parts, and imported components adversely affected by exchange rates (such as keywinds).

The price increase is also intended to help create a better balance between demand and capacity, ultimately allowing for faster deliveries, dealer store inventory, new designs, and current product enhancements.

2008 Price List now in effect