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A statement concerning Nick Thiel - 6/8/2007

We recently became aware of activities conducted by Nick Thiel and wish to lend our support to others that are currently making a similar public announcement. Specifically, Mr. Thiel apparently has been taking deposits for the production of special Rickenbacker brand instruments. However, this was done entirely without our knowledge, the company has never been involved in any way in this enterprise, does not sell or produce models in this manner, nor was it aware of Mr. Thiel's activity until very recently.

Those individuals who have sent Mr. Thiel money but not received goods, or those who have other unresolved refunds or business issues are urged to file reports with local law enforcement.

Due to the worldwide nature of possible claims against Mr. Theil, as well as the difficulty of coordinating the various law enforcement agencies, volunteers have established a center to record, compile, and organize this information for presentation to the police. For more information about this:

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The following reports may be of interest to some parties: