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NAMM 2009:   Last call for orders    1/15/2009
Change in Model Line Up!:   Range streamlined for faster deliveries    12/13/2007
Spare Parts Outside of North America:   International distributors offer spare parts    9/1/2007
A statement concerning Nick Thiel:   Update    6/8/2007
John Kay's Guitars Make a Pit Stop:   RIC refurbishes John Kay's Model 381 JK LE Guitars    5/3/2007
RIC-Outlet on Ebay:   Rickenbacker is pleased to announce the Ebay RIC-Outlet    5/2/2007
Going Once....Going Twice....:   RIC, Chris Squire, and Peter Buck participate in a charity auction    4/11/2007
CNC Music Factory:   Take a behind the scenes look in the engineering dept.    4/6/2007
RIC Announces 4005 Reissue Bass:   RIC is pleased to announce plans to reissue the 4005 Bass    4/1/2007
The Frying Pan Hits the Road:   The world's first electric guitar travels to Ireland    12/11/2006
Ric Media:   RIC announces the Ric Media boutique section of the RIC website    10/17/2006
75th Anniversary Slideshow:   RIC's 75th in Pictures    9/13/2006
75th Anniversary Limited Editions SOLD OUT:   RIC announces 4 Limited Edition Models    9/1/2006
RIC Turns 75 at the House of Blues:   The stars come out for RIC to celebrate 75 years of the Electric Guitar    8/29/2006
Custom for Carpenter:   John Hall delivers two custom instruments to Mary Chapin Carpenter    7/20/2001
Carl Wilson Limited Edition:   360CW and 360/12CW Guitar    2/3/2000
RIC's Golden Age of Acoustic Guitars:   On July 15th, 1958 15 acoustic or acoustic-electric models were introduced into the Rickenbacker line.    9/29/1998
Lemmy kicks bass with his 4004LK:   $4004LK Limited Edition    12/1/1995
Would You Buy A Used Rickenbacker From This Man?:   Lemmy Gets a new bass.    2/1/1995
Places I Remember: The John Lennon Limited Edition:   Reflections by A. Penney    7/15/1993
Glenn Frey Limited Edition:   Model 230GF, 203GF    1/1/1992
Look Who's Using Roger's RIC:   Find out what familiar names are playing the 370/12RM    1/16/1991
Oh, Yes! Rickenbacker Introduces New Guitar:   Chris Squire Limited Edition Model 4001CS    1/1/1991
Go Ahead, Be Petty About It:   Tom Petty Limited Edition Model 660/12TP    1/1/1991
Marty Willson-Piper:   A rising star under the Milky Way shines in Rickenbacker country    10/1/1990
Guitar, Guitar, on the Wall, Who Makes the Best Reissues of All?:   Rickenbacker named best maker of reissue guitars.    9/28/1990
The Smithereens think Green in L.A.:   Smithereens Bass Player Wields Blackstar Bass    7/24/1990
Solved Mystery:   The Mystery of the 'System 490' is finally solved!    1/1/1990
John Lennon Limited Edition; Rickenbacker Introduces New Guitar:   325JL, 355JL, 355/12JL    1/1/1990
They've Got the Rickenbacker Look:   It's Roxette, and they have "the look" that stands for talent and success.    2/1/1989
A Rock and Roll Rebel Rides Again:   John Kay plays a special show for Rickenbacker dealers.    2/1/1989
Rickenbacker Introduces John Kay Limited Edition 381JK:   John Kay Limited Edition Model 381JK    10/1/1988
Susanna Hoffs Limited Edition Guitar Announced:   Susanna Hoffs Limited Edition Model 350SH    10/1/1988
Secret Weapon of the 60's:   Roger McGuinn Limited Edition Model 370/12RM    12/1/1987
The Pete Townshend Limited Edition:   Pete Townshend Limited Edition Model 1997PT    6/1/1987