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The Rickenbacker identification tool was created to help people identify what model Rickenbacker they own. While we have tried to be as comprehensive as possible, there may be omissions. Also, if your guitar has been modified from it's original state, our identification tool may fail to identify your model

To begin identifying your guitar, select one or more identifying characteristics, and then click the submit button at the bottom of the form. You will then be given a list of all possible models. You can then select more identifying characteristics to narrow your search if neccessary. Any result items can be clicked to automatically search our archive for a photo of the instrument in question.

Body Style:    
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# of Strings:
Scale Length:
# of Frets:
Fret Marker:
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Sound Hole Type:
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Control Setup:
Output Type:
Bridge Type:
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# of Pickups:
Pickup Type:
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Binding Type:
Tailpiece Type:
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