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Author:  jjfinn [ Mon May 24, 2021 3:09 pm ]
Post subject:  TR25

I have a really clean original tr25 amp with a low serial number of 000010. Just wondering if this was a production unit or preproduction one. Seems like a really low number for a production unit. I've owned it for about 8 years and hardly used it. I just had it serviced because it always sounded like the distortion circuit was on. The tech found dirty pots and a couple loose solder joints on the board. Now sounds as it should, nice and clean with some distortion as the volume is turned up to full. The distortion circuit works now as it should.
I originally purchased the amp because I ordered a new lefty 360/12 and thought it would be great to own a Ric amp. After a 2 year wait for the guitar, I just couldn't play it, the string spacing just didn't work for me. I tried and tried but couldn't do it, the guitar went away last year but the amp remains.

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