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Looking to buy neck damaged 360
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Author:  Tele-Bob [ Mon Mar 20, 2006 5:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Looking to buy neck damaged 360

I am looking to buy a Ric 360 with a damaged or broken neck for a project guitar. I have long wanted a wider neck on a 360 because it is one of the most beautiful guitars made. I just bought a brand new 360 and love it for strumming but I am unable to effectively solo on it, hence this project.

I intend to put a wider neck, with larger frets on this guitar and make it a classic rock machine. I don't need any of the hardware, just the body and broken neck. I have the tools to do the rest and will of course post photos of the project for anyone interested.

Please contact me at bikeshots@earthlink.net and be sure to type "Broken 360" in the subject line as I do not open e-mail I don't recognize. Thanks, Bob

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