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Fixing Loose Strap Button on 330/12??
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Author:  derrick111 [ Thu Dec 02, 2021 10:28 am ]
Post subject:  Fixing Loose Strap Button on 330/12??

Ugh... the "R" tailpiece on my 330/12 snapped AGAIN! If that wasn't bad enough, it happened when I was lifting the instrument form the stand, and the piece hit my hand causing me to drop the guitar. The guitar landed on the strap button (that goes through the tailpiece bracket), and the strap button head is now slightly bent and it's loose in the hole.

The hole is too stripped for "the water trick" to work, and I feel using toothpicks & glue is too ghetto.

My plan is to drill the strap button hole to clean it up and glue in a hardwood dowel/plug. Then drill with a drill bit that is one size smaller than the size of the strap button screw. (1) Does this sound like the correct way to handle this? (2) Do I need to tap the hole after re-drilling, before trying to insert the strap button screw?


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