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Project bass (warning, graphic images!) LOL
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Author:  Fozz [ Wed Feb 26, 2020 3:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Project bass (warning, graphic images!) LOL

cjj wrote:
The guys I know about are Paul Wilczynski and Larry Davis. I've had Paul restore a guitar for me, really nice work.

You can find Paul here:

Here's Larry's website:

:shock: That's crazy! :D My name is Larry Davis too. Lol

I discovered that the bass needed some new electronics including a new bridge pickup. I felt I was going to be in deeper than I wanted to be, so I sold it to a small shop here for $350. I had taken all the hardware off, cleaned it up as good as I could and even steel wooled the frets. So, I got to love on it for a couple of days, then made $100 on it. The buyer assured me he'd repair the electronics and make it a player - even though there's still the issues with the wood. Anyway I think everyone is happy now.

Oh, and you were correct, they found some codes on...either the pots or pickups...I don't remember, and it was a '74.

Thank you and tell your friend Larry Davis that Larry Davis from Texas says hello. :D

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