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hazy, cloudy and flaky damaged to areas with a clear finish
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Author:  mthrasher [ Wed May 01, 2019 4:51 am ]
Post subject:  hazy, cloudy and flaky damaged to areas with a clear finish

A 330 Fireglow, built in July of 2106, in need of TLC. It had been hanging on display for a majority of the it's 2 years in the store. I was told the manager "baby'ed the Ricks". So, I figure the discoloration was due to excessive sloppy polishing. I have no idea what polish was used, or how clean anyone's hands were when it was baby'd or played. After removing the polish build up, I discovered there is actual damaged to the clear finish. From my experience, it 'lived' on the top row, hanging close to the high wattage track lighting (~2 feet or less). Mostly, the finish has a hazy or cloudy 'film' to it. The 'lower' side of the neck has more of this damage from spending more time facing the lights. Along the width and side profile of the frets, the finish has become white, brittle, and flaky and stared to crumble. At its worst, it comes off with a little pressure with a finger nail. I suspect that heat from the lights caused the metal frets to expand at a different rate than everything else, causing the finish to lift and crack. Anything applied would have then seeped under and boiled in the heat. Is there a dressing that would revitalize the cloudy hazy clear finish? Understandably, the flaking finish needs to be removed and repaired. Also, would an extended time hanging by it's neck result in neck warp or any other sort of damage? TIA

Author:  mthrasher [ Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: hazy, cloudy and flaky damaged to areas with a clear fin

Any thoughts on Shiela Shine, original or Low VOC, as a cleaner/revitalizer? Slow once a day cleaning using a q-tip seems to cleaned up a lot of grime. The fingerboard has regained most of its gleam. Has any one tried some thing like Formby's Furniture Refinisher, Miniwax's Antique Oil Finish, or Howard's Restore-A-Finish?

I tried using a heat gun as suggest in another thread, but did not see a change before getting worried about excessive heat damage. As some point, I'm going to try plain ol' sunlight with UV. TIA

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