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Author:  Vinividivici [ Sat Jul 04, 2020 7:50 am ]
Post subject:  Minibass

One thing that would be so-o-o-o cool is if RIC would produce a miniversion of the 4003. About half as big as the original or maybe even a bit smaller so you can fit in suitcase and bring it along when traveling.
I would immideately buy some 3 or 4 to have a stash if one gets lost in transport.
And a few more to give to my kids as christmaspresents.
With a mini 4003 and a Fly 3 or similar, you wouldn´t need to run around and watch all the stupid attractions, you could just nip down and buy some snappin and a bottle of whisky and then stay in your hotelroom all day.
Yeah yeah yeah, stay at home with the big one, but the change of atmosphere could bring some serious inspiration to new songs and great basslines and give you different backgrounds for your Tubevids.
And thinking of the kids, if you want them to grow up to become RIC players then maybe you should start early, you know like Mozart, at the age of 3 or so....

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