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1977 3001 bass tone
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Author:  tengraver@att.net [ Thu Oct 04, 2018 4:26 pm ]
Post subject:  1977 3001 bass tone

Bought it new and still love it! It seems over the years it has lost some low end and power. I replaced the pickup with a genuine exact NOS expecting to have the old rumble back. Didn't happen. It sounds the same. So, I'm wondering about the pots, capacitors, etc. I'm no electronics tech but I can solder and use a mulitmeter. Any suggestions on tests I could run, similar problems anyone else has had, common problems with these instruments, etc.?

Author:  iiipopes [ Mon Oct 15, 2018 10:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1977 3001 bass tone

What different amplifiers and speakers do you play through differently now than back then? A pot really never changes its value; it may only need a little cleaning every couple of decades. A capacitor may lose value, but it is in the treble roll-off circuit, and won't affect the bottom end. Rickenbacker 3001 pickups are epoxied, so unless an internal winding breaks, the pickup should last essentially forever. If an internal winding has broken, you will get a thin noisy tone, not just a little bit of lost low end. Are the pickups as close to the strings as they used to be? If not, a quarter turn counterclockwise on the E string side of the main height screw may be all the bass needs. And when was the last time you replaced strings and your patch cord so that the strings gave a full spectrum signal to the pickups, and the cord was not deteriorated and bleeding off signal to ground?

I am tending to think this is more of an amplifier or cord issue than an instrument issue. My 4002, 320, and 360-12WB FG ckbd, all from 1981, are all as strong as they ever were.

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