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Cut and shunt.
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Author:  Corduroybass [ Fri Sep 21, 2018 12:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Cut and shunt.

Hi everyone.
Sorry in advance for this long post, thanks if you stick with it.

I've had 4 Ricks over the years:
Mid 70's Burgundy 4001, plain binding... stolen (from a recording studio in Denmark St. in 1992).
72 4001 Mapleglow, Checker binding...sold.
71 4001 Mapleglow, Checker binding...sold.

And then about ten years ago this (pics attached); and I'm not sure what it is.
Initially I thought it was a re-sprayed, albeit badly, 73 4001S, but is it?

The serial number and pots date to Oct 73...but that's about it (please correct me if I'm wrong with any of my observation).

The headstock is too long for 73, more like a V63 or 4003, the heel is rounded off.. in fact it's virtually non-existent, the neck is nice and thin, like a 63, has a 4003 neck profile has been shaved down?
The toaster is too close to the neck to be a 4003 right?.
The lacquer on the fretboard is so worn it's barely there; hard to replicate if it's a v63?
There's 3 holes for the plexi-glass cover; not a real 63.

The treble pick-up surround is for a horseshoe pup, but there's an old screw pole high gain there; it can't be a horseshoe pup because old horseshoes won't work without the plate right?

Hairpin rods, not too bad condition if they are 73 rods, really bad condition otherwise. The neck still needs a good service; whose good with Ricks in London?

I can't tell if it's drilled for the finger rest yet, paint in the way under the plate.
The scratch plate seems to be metal, sprayed white.. I know you can get retro-fit alloy plates, I assume this is used to strengthen a repair; there's a crack along the entire length of the body, under the plate.. the cracks are fairly apparent, not repaired well. There's also a crack running about two thirds of the body above the through body neck. Someones either smashed this bass up on stage or it's been parked on.

So it's 73 parts on a badly repaired ...what?

I'm intending to strip the crappy red paint to show its battle scars; I'll look at a new skin if whats under the red car paint is too bad to live with.


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