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4003 - excess chrome "flash" on the damper slots
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Author:  SteveR [ Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:49 pm ]
Post subject:  4003 - excess chrome "flash" on the damper slots

Hi everyone. I own a 4003. (I won't go into how wonderful it is because you've heard it all before!)

El questiono... I have noticed that underneath the openings in each of the little chrome gates/slots that sit over the string damper, there is excess chrome "flash". It does not affect the instrument in any way but since I noticed it I thought I'd ask if anyone else has also encountered it?

I saw a close-up picture on Google of a 1973 4001 bridge/damper and it seemed to have a similar malady.

I'm not that terribly fussed about it but given the top-notch quality of the instrument, it seems a little odd that the excess chrome wasn't filed off prior to assembly.


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