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Very Quiet Bridge PUP
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Author:  musicianinaction92 [ Fri Jan 01, 2016 5:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Very Quiet Bridge PUP

Hey all,

Happy New Year!

I've got some questions about a couple issues I've been having with my 2007 4003 over the years.

My high gain bridge pup has suddenly gotten very quiet. I have not changed anything about it any time recently and it sounds equally quiet through both output jacks.

Unrelated to this, I've always had an extraordinary amount of hum coming from my bass. I'm aware that single coil high gains are noisy by nature but it seems that I'm experiencing what I'd call two "levels" of hum. There's the normal 60 cycle hum that I always expect. And then there's another level of hum that goes away if I touch the strings or another piece of metal on the bass. Is this a grounding/shielding issue?

Can anybody recommend a good luthier in New Jersey? Preferably somewhere close to the Morristown area.


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