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Carl Wilson 12 string Fireglo
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Author:  Zurdo [ Mon Jul 11, 2016 4:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Carl Wilson 12 string Fireglo

Darryl wrote:
I managed to get hold of an unplayed Carl Wilson 12 string in 2007. I think it is one of the best looking and superb sounding series that Rickenbacker has ever made. What makes it even more special for me is that the certificate number is 409. How's that for a Beach Boys connection!

except Carl did not play a Ric in that song, it must have been the Fender Jaguar.

Author:  Ronaldoi [ Tue Aug 16, 2016 8:12 am ]
Post subject:  Carl Wilson 12 string Fireglo

Wouldnt there be overlap an overlap in the tuning between the 6th and 7th strings? The E on the 6th string of the guitar is lower than the 4th string of a bass correct? Im all for extended range but Im also all for guitars that make sense.

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