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Rickenbacker 620/5 á la Keefer
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Author:  Aoresteen [ Sun Feb 14, 2016 5:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Rickenbacker 620/5 á la Keefer

I finally got all my Ricks set up they way I like them (420,650D,620/12) and I just finished my 2010 Jetglo 620/5. Last year I searched for a 620 and found a nice 2010 620 on Reverb for $1k. It was in great shape so I bought it.

1st order of business was to convert it to a 620/5 Open G just like Keefer does. My tech cut a new bone nut to properly space the 5 strings. The bass E tunner was removed and the hole is covered with a black plastic plug. The high gain pickups are perfect for Open G tunes. The next step was to have a new pick guard made for a single vol & tone knobs & switch. I pulled the original and sent it to Tony at Pick Guardian and in no time at all I had a new perfect 620 pick guard set up for controls the way I like them (Pick Guardian also made new pick guards for all my other Ricks :) )






Strings are Ernie Balls:

1st D Plain 0.011
2nd B Plain 0.015
3rd G Plain 0.018
4th D Wound 0.030
5th G Wound 0.042

Just like Keith uses!

This conversion to a 5 string is fully reversible and of course I've saved all the original parts. The single vol & tone knobs work great and I'm very happy with this Jetglo solid body.

I added a black leather strap with a white lighting bolt to finish it off. Stone tunes never sounded so good!

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