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1981 310 - String Gauge and Truss Rod issues
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Author:  aborman [ Thu Aug 29, 2019 8:42 pm ]
Post subject:  1981 310 - String Gauge and Truss Rod issues

Recently purchased a 1981 310.

Arrived with round .10s. Have replaced them with flat .13s IT's. This is has caused some next relief issues I am just not able to correct for some reason. I have been using the correct manual adjustment necessary for pre-1984 instruments outline in these forums.

I have contacted the store about my issues. The guitar was bought online and the listing stated that the truss rods are in working order. In my email to them, I asked if they were indeed working in the store as I am not able to correct the neck relief to accommodate the higher tension of the strings. They stated that .10 to .13 is a huge jump and it is like that the neck can't handle these strings.

Can this be true? I have read so much on these forums that .12 are a standard for short scales which makes me think the truss rods are indeed not working.

What's going on here? What should I do? Do I need to replace the truss rods?

Author:  mthrasher [ Thu Jun 04, 2020 11:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1981 310 - String Gauge and Truss Rod issues

The jump from 0.10's to 0.13's is a huge jump for any guitar. I had similar disastrous results with a 330 (2016) and 0.12's. The neck bowed and rippled with the grain and any anomalies under the stress. I removed the strings, loosened the truss rod fully, and let it rest for about a month or more before restringing. Your neck should 'flatten' out. I suggest taking the time, start with a set of RIC No. 95406 strings, get the neck stabilized, then moving to a similar gauge set of flat wounds, before experimenting with 0.13's. You may find that 0.12's work for you in this case. I would say these guitars are engineered to perform with a narrow margin of 'change'.

I'm not sure of the exact spec differences between your 310 and an original run (pre-1971), but Mr. Hall has been quoted as saying your 330 is a "semi-vintage reissue". It may have a thinner neck than the original run. That would probably rule out heavier gauge strings

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