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Pot values for an hybrid 4003 Neck and HB1 Bridge? Need help
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Author:  visualdistortion [ Sun Jun 16, 2019 7:53 am ]
Post subject:  Pot values for an hybrid 4003 Neck and HB1 Bridge? Need help

Hi, I'm wiring the bass for a friend, he got a mix of 4003 neck pickup and HB1 on Bridge.
He will use only one Vol and one Tone control, and got a toggle to switch between pickups, same controls that the 4004 model.

So now I need to do all the electronics and I've different questions:
- What pots use? Apparently Rick only use 330K pot, but a a lot of people seems to complaints about them. So maybe some people have a better suggestions (I saw a lot of 250K/500K mix on the forum, but maybe in this pickup mix, it will not be find).

- If i go for 330K, it's a bit complicated to get this pots locally, but 300K CTS are here, seems close in value.

- So... and now what capacitor use? 47nF like suggested?

- How to wire the bridge pickup? series, parralel? How is it wired on a 4004 model? I would like the best configuration with this 2 pickups.

Thanks a lot for your help friends, it will be really appreciated.

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