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650C Bridge Issue
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Author:  pinballrevival [ Thu Mar 07, 2019 9:29 am ]
Post subject:  650C Bridge Issue

I recently purchased a 2013 650C. When I received the guitar, it was not properly set up, so I dialed it in, only to discover that the high "E" string and the "B" string popped off the roller in the bridge saddles every time I did a bend (even a half bend). I noticed that the Schaller bridge saddles for both E strings, and the B string were bottomed out on the bridge plate (i.e no way to adjust the action any lower) and the action was alright, but not stellar. I then discovered that the bridge had a 3mm shim underneath it. I removed the shim and set the action and intonation, and not only did I resolve the strings popping out of the rollers (by increasing the break angle behind the rollers), but I significantly increased the range of downward adjust-ability for the action. The guitar now plays great, nice low action and no strings popping off the saddles. In looking around at pics of 650 models on line, I have noticed that they all seem to have this shim under the bridge. I am curious why Rickenbacker included this shim, when it virtually makes the guitar unplayable (unless you never bend, or bump the high E, or B strings), and severely limits the ability to adjust the action down. Anyone know the story behind this? I'm very curious how anyone gets a 650 setup properly with this shim under the bridge! Any comments or input is greatly appreciated.

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