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Major repair question
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Author:  maxwell [ Sat Feb 11, 2017 5:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Major repair question

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been over five years since I posted the concerns with my Model 1996 reissue with the “Twisted Neck (Rats!)” thread. I’m sorry to say that’s the guitar has seen little, if any, daylight since. I was feeling thwarted and defeated in my efforts to resurrect it.

I’ve recently been giving that guitar some thought recently. I’ve got to start trimming my herd of guitars down drastically, and I want this guitar to remain with me. I’ve always wanted a RIC 325(-type). So, I’ve been thinking about having it repaired. There are two main problems, however:

1. The twisted neck, and this may be the lesser of the two problems (read the thread initiate dOct. 1, 2011), however, a truly permanent repair (straightening) may be unlikely, as it twisted once, likely prone to twisting again.

2. More frustrating was the inability to lower the strings to a reasonable lower playing height. I had to max out the bridge adjustment height to just/even barely touch the strings, and this was across all six strings, so this problem would seem to be independent of the twisted neck. I studied the neck and its fretboard projection down the body, and it seemed OK, but I couldn’t really tell. What I did seem to notice, was that the Accent Vibrato was pretty high off the face of the guitar body, that if I could somehow lower the string end of the vibrato, that this would, in turn, allow the strings to contact the bridge to a degree that I could lower it and bring the strings down to the fretboard, still keeping the strings in contact with the bridge.

So, while unlikely, I would like (Mr. Hall) to know if the RIC factory accepts any guitars for fundamental structural repairs or replacement – there are only two real components: neck and body.

As I hinted, a simple heat-straightening of the twisted neck may not be satisfactory, long-term. The angle of the neck in its neck-body alignment is likely causing the (failure) of string height adjustment, and may require a neck reset. Rather than a two-prong repair, I’m beginning to think that a complete neck replacement may be in order. I can’t think of where I could buy a replacement neck, and am hoping RIC would have one available, as well as be able to install the replacement. I guess the final judgement would follow an experienced evaluation.

So, what are my chances of a repair or new neck from RIC?

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