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Just .....wow!
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Author:  oceantracks [ Tue Dec 28, 2021 8:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Just .....wow!

In 1966 as a 14 year old kid, my parents got me a 360-12. I was a major Beatles fan so couldn't wait until my local St Louis music store got it in. They advised us at the time that it would be a while before they got it but I was so excited to know it was coming at all! Every week or so I'd come in from school and ask if Mom had heard anything from the store....after weeks, I came home and she said "They got your guitar in!" .....

It was a drive to store, not real close to home. I was so excited. The thought of having the "HARD DAYS NIGHT" guitar in my hands had me filled with anticipation. Walked in the store and the manager said "Hey there, let me grab it for you!" and he lifted the case onto the counter in front. My Mom and I stood in front of it as I opened the snaps and lifted open the lid.

It was beautiful. It was also the wrong one. Well, the RIGHT one, just the new model. It had rounded corners. I had such a mixed feeling inside, and wouldn't dare hurt my parents feelings by saying "It's not the right one!"....so I said something about how it looked a "smoother" looking than George's, and the manager said "Yeah he plays the older model, this is the new one."

Well I played the guitar for a few years, until it slid off the front of a Vox Super Beatle (dummy!) and hit the basement tile floor, breaking the neck. Eventually had it repaired by Rickenbacker but when I got it back (this was years and years later)....they had to refinish it and in the 70s I guess they couldn't get the color right. It was a very dark red, almost no gradation of color. Finally sold it.

Grew up, got married, had kids. Mentioned the story to them a year or so ago.

Woke up Christmas morning, and my middle daughter said "Dad, your present is in your music room..."......and I walked in to see a Rickenbacker case. I approached it thinking the family had chipped in to get me a new bass, as I needed one, but unsnapped the case, lifted it open again....all these 50 some odd years later, and there it was.....a 360-12 c63. My daughter said "Dad...is the RIGHT ONE? ARE YOU SURE???
and through some unstoppable tears I said..."Oh yeah, that's the one."

What a Christmas. It is beautiful, just gorgeous and sounds wonderful.

It took a long time but it's finally here;) Thanks Rickenbacker for making such a wonderful instrument, and so grateful to have such great kids.


Author:  Luatordi [ Wed Apr 27, 2022 6:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Just .....wow!


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