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325C64 JG: waiting time for replacement
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Author:  mlbors [ Thu Dec 09, 2021 12:59 pm ]
Post subject:  325C64 JG: waiting time for replacement

Hi everybody!

I am writing this (first) post to read about other people's Rickenbacker experience after an unfortunate event. My situation is the following one: several months ago, in June, I bought a Rickenbacker 325C64 JG from my favorite online retailer (some may disapprove). When I received it, I notice something strange with some buzzing effects and I thought it was related to the roller bridge problem. Unfortunately, after an examination and a complete set up made by my local luthier and the online retailer, it appeared it was a problem related to the truss rod. My online dealer told me the instrument was not fixable and ordered me a new one. It was at the beginning of August (it took time to arrive at this point, especially because of UPS). It seems that I ordered the only model they had in stock for many months.

I am still patiently waiting for my 325C64 and the last time I checked with my retailer, a few days ago, they told me they could not tell me when it will arrive and that Rickenbacker only produce a model when they received a certain amount of order for it.

Has anyone experienced such a story? How long did you wait for a 325C64 JG? I read many different things on the Web. I can add that I am located in Switzerland.

Many thanks!
Best regards,

Author:  Took38years [ Sat Dec 11, 2021 7:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 325C64 JG: waiting time for replacement

I used to own a 325c64. Are you certain that it's not the roller bridge? Not every guitar repair person is familiar with Rickenbackers. My dealer was very experienced with Ricks (even provided me with a detailed letter about the roller bridge and its tendency to produce buzzing. He made some minor adjustments to the rollers to mitigate the buzzing and the guitar sounded fine when amplified (electric guitars never sound that good unplugged). At the time I ordered mine, I inquired about getting a standard Rick bridge to swap out the roller bridge for the non-roller version. He said I could do it, but suggested I wait until I got the guitar and decide if it was needed (turns out it wasn't). He also commented that the 325c64 was a very accurate reproduction of the guitar John played, so playing it with the roller bridge was going to most closely replicate what his sounded like. Anyway, maybe your guy is right, but I'd be sure that it isn't the normal characteristics of the roller bridge (I think my dealer carefully placed a small piece of masking tape between each roller and the sidewall of the bridge to dampen any buzzing). Just my two cents.

Author:  mlbors [ Sun Dec 12, 2021 1:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 325C64 JG: waiting time for replacement

Many thanks for your feedback! :)
I guess it would have been « simpler » if it was related to the roller bridge. I was aware of this problem and asked my luthier to check the roller bridge, and he told me he would inspect the whole instrument. But when he saw the guitar, at first sight, he told me that the neck was not properly set up. When he gave me back the guitar, he explained to me that the neck, whatever he did, always got the wrong curvature, and he could not loosen the truss rod any further and advise me to report this to my dealer. So my dealer wanted to check the instrument by themselves to confirm this. They also told me that if it was only a problem with the roller bridge, they could swap it for a standard bridge, but they had to do it themselves because of the warranty. When they received the guitar, they told me they have to send it to a Rickenbacker specialist to confirm the problem. After a few days, they told me the instrument could not be fixed. I suppose I can only trust all these people.
I guess my 325 will not be underneath the Christmas tree.

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