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 Post subject: Quick intro from a new guy!
 Post Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 6:28 pm 

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Hey all! Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been obsessed with Rickenbackers for as long as I can remember (my favorite band is R.E.M. and I love The Byrds, Smiths, Paul Weller, Petty, etc.), but I haven't been in a position to purchase anything until a few years ago. I've been in the same band for 15 years, since I was 12 (songwriter and rhythm guitarist) and have toured all over. I also have a studio in Savannah, GA.

The reason I mention that is because it's a big part of what led me to my Rickenbacker collection. I've had a lot of different guitars over the years. I can't honestly tell you how many I've bought and sold. I've toured with Gibsons, Fenders, Gretschs, Danelectros, cheap guitars, etc. And a lot of them are great (I kept some for the studio, of course, most notably my wonderful '67 Gretsch Double Anniversary), but I just felt like I never found MY thing. At the studio we've got dozens and dozens between the three of us who run the place, and nothing ever really connected with me in terms of my individual sound in my band/as a guitar player.

I got my first Rick a few years ago - a 2013 620/12 in Ruby Red that I bought new. I loved it right away and that was the closest I'd ever gotten to finding my thing. But I was still playing a variety of different 6 strings and just never really felt an attachment to any of them or felt like they really, truly worked for what I do. I'm also a bass player and got a 4003 for the studio (love it), so that was another thing that really made me start to gravitate towards Rickenbackers.

I'd been using an AC15 exclusively for 10 years in live shows (we use lots of different things in the studio) but last year I did an 80s influenced solo record (think Roxy Music's Avalon) and felt I needed something different, so I got a Jazz Chorus (the JC40 reissue). I immediately fell in love with the amp and decided to employ it full time in the band as well. The legendary clean sound, stereo chorus, the way it interacted with pedals - I loved it all.

Late last year, I was really desperate to finally find the guitar that resonated with me on all levels. I decided to take the plunge and get a 2001 Fireglo 330. I immediately loved it right out of the box. It did everything I needed it to and it felt like a creative tool right away. With the Jazz Chorus it sounded the way I'd always wanted to sound. Once I decided it was my #1, I thought I'd get another one as a backup. I got a 2001 Desert Gold 330 and loved it even more so it became my main. The Fireglo is my backup and used for alternate tunings.

I quickly realized that my infatuation for the 330 was so strong that I wasn't as connected to the 620/12 anymore. So I decided to sell it to fund a 330/12! I now have an '89 Jetglo 330/12 and I absolutely love it.

My most recent acquisition is a 2004 Blue Boy 330, which will be here next week! Really excited about that one.

Long story short, I absolutely love these guitars. I always felt like I wanted to collect guitars, and now I think I've realized that I want to collect 330s. They're everything I've ever looked for in a guitar. My next venture will be another 330/12 as a backup, though I'm a long way off from that I think. I'll keep everyone posted as my collection grows!

Looking forward to being active on the forum and getting to know y'all!


 Post subject: Re: Quick intro from a new guy!
 Post Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 8:24 am 

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I'm a "new guy" here, too!

I bought my first Rick in 1993, a black 1992 360 FG. It also was my very first electric guitar of any kind. Loved that guitar, but I couldn't seem to dial in the tone I wanted...never thought it might be the cheap non-tube Fender I was playing through ;)

I sold it to get an everyday-er, a newish Tele...that's when I realized I made a mistake and needed to ditch the amp to make ALL sound better.

I got into Rickenbacker because of my favorite bands - The Kinks and Beatles from the old school, The Jam and REM more of my era.

Eventually I was able to flesh out a pretty nice collection of all my faves and I once again reach for a Rick, so in 2000 I picked up a gorgeous, simple, 330 MG.

I recently added a lovely 2002 340 in Burgundy (Color of the Year) and I'm a happy boy. Have my eyes on a 600 series before I'm done.

Welcome again, happy to be here!

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