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 Post subject: Gerry Marsden's 360/12 Fireglow
 Post Posted: Sat Sep 13, 2014 6:49 am 

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1.March '64,photographed and shipped to London with Lennon's 320/12[DB155].
2.Circa 1979,Gerry replaces the original case with one he's made.Realising it's too short but with a Far East tour impending he elects to saw 25-30mm off the headstock.He cuts through the locations of the machine heads for the D octave and G strings.
3.In New Zealand he gifts the guitar and gets a Stratocaster.
4.1987,Richard Smith publishes the 1964 photogragh on the back of his book.
5.Janine Saundercock of The Playthings tries to buy the guitar but cannot raise the the asking price of 500 NZD.
6.Bought by Alister Parker of Bailterspace.Converted to 6 string,used with Rat distortion and Boss delay pedals and Fender and Marshall amps.Bailterspace record seven LPs between 1988 and '99.The guitar enjoys a starring role in their 1995 backwards video for Splat.Valued at $90000!
7.1993,Gerry reviews his luthery in his autobiography I'll never walk alone.
8.September 3rd 1996 Andy Babiuk interviews Gerry.2001,the early part of this story is published in Beatles Gear[p128].
9.Bailterpace move to New York.Parker loses the 360 when he leaves it in a taxi!
10.They release Strobosphere[2012] and Trinine[2013].Parker reported using a 330.

1.Could members kindly add to this story?Is it right?Do we have a serial number?
2.Can anybody account for its whereabouts? Perhaps:
a)Parker has it in retirement.
b}Parker sold it to a collector.
c}A collector has it on ice.
d}It's in the NYC lost property office.
3.Is Gerry aware of its use by Alister?
4.OK Paul or Dale,how would you repair it?A real engineering challenge.
5.If you were Gerry would you want it back?Would you use it at gigs?

Thanks for your interest,wouldn't it make a good movie.

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