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Once a guitar has left the buffing department, itís off to assembly. Rickenbacker has tooled its own parts since 1931 and, wherever possible, continues this practice to maintain control and ensure consistent precision. Most parts, with the notable exception of keywinds which are generally supplied by Schaller, are produced in Rickenbacker's own factory.
The assembly of electronics and parts is undertaken by skilled personnel. Each bridge and nut is hand set, to achieve accurate and precise intonation. The rest of the components are accurately placed to achieve optimum performance.
Only the finest American-made electronic components are used in the construction of Rickenbacker's circuits. Switchcraft jacks and switches are standard, as are the custom-made CTS potentiometers.
Once assembled, each instrument passes through exhaustive inspections. Rickenbacker is proud of its set-up and testing procedures, resulting in the many compliments from musicians that the guitars are ready to play - straight from the case!